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The Secret

The Secret to keeping satan away
Is what in your heart you invite to stay.
Where Love abounds, God is present;
Where hatred lives, satan finds pleasant.

Sowing seeds of Love, nurturing well,
Will keep producing the same to dwell
In your heart, providing no room
For anything but Love to thrive, to bloom.

With God's Love, yourself surround,
And satan will be nowhere, found.
But, sow seeds of hate, they'll poison your bed,
Kill the flowers of Love, until all are dead.

Weeds will grow, thick serpent vines,
The grapes of wrath with venomous wines,
And satan will come, an invited guest,
For your garden of hate fills his request.

The Secret to peace and all things good,
To make it clear and understood,
Is simply Love, the only true magic,
While the absence of, is truly tragic.

Bathed in God's Love, we are protected,
For Love by satan is most rejected.
With presence of Love, there is God,
Where satan dares not to enter or trod.

By Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly
©2018-02-18 21:11:00 (EST) All rights reserved.