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This is a newer work as can be seen by the copyright date,"Candle Of Love". It's a combination of digital art with my poem of the same title added, created in a monitor size, 1920x1080 pixels. I truly believe in the power of Love and I wish more people did as well. The one thing we need desperately more of in this world is Love, for where there's Love, there are also the elements of Love, such as compassion, understanding, forgiveness, kindness, and caring.

We humans are with our hearts, the chosen Candle Holders.
Whether our Candle's Flame burns brightly or if it smolders,
Is within our own control since God gave us all free will
To choose the Light of Love or its opposite to fulfill.

~ Artsieladie

"Keep your Candle lit, shining luminous and bright,
For darkness cannot linger in Love's Precious Light!"
~ Quotes by Artsieladie

So, without further adieu...
"Candle Of Love"

When we burn the Candle Of Love,
The Flame of Love then grows,
As within our hearts, the Light of
With brilliance brightly glows.

The Flame of Love thrives on
The aromas born of Love in whole
And once our heart's Candle is lit,
Likewise shines our mind and soul.

If we fan our Flame with
Love’s aromas, sweet,
No amount of darkness
Can ever our Light defeat.

Kindness and Compassion,
Honesty and Forgiveness,
Humility in abundance,
Exhibit aroma richness.

A Candle Of Love will not melt,
Instead shall grow in size,
As the Flame of Love burns
Brighter and so, intensifies.

Normally with other candles,
That burn out unable to rekindle,
The Candle Of Love is lasting
Not ever meant to dwindle.

As long as there is Magic, Love,
Kept mixed in our Candle’s Wax,
The Flame will burn always,
Bright and steady without lax.

The more we burn our Candle,
The more we fan our Flame,
The more brilliant is our Light,
To shine for Love, proclaim.

The more we burn our Candle
The more intense is our Flame,
To more Candles of Love incite
To ignite and burn the same.

So keep your wick aflame,
With your Candle waxed in Love
And keep your Flame fanned
With the sweet aromas of.

There is inside everyone
Of Love, a Candlestick,
But the Candle Of Love won't burn,
If we fail to light the wick!
Art/Poem Artsieladie / Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly
Poem: ©2015-07-17 01:07:00 (EST)
Art: ©2015-08-11 12:18:00 (EST)
All rights reserved.
Additional Credits - Original Background
Author: Dieter_G
Url: http://pixabay.com/en/photos/download/kristal-439296.jpg

"May your blessings be many, your troubles be few
And may the Love of God live always in you."
#ArtsieladieQuote ©2017-04-26

Nightstar: Original vs redo.

As I mentioned in my previous entry about comparing an older work to it's newer, reworked version, I thought I'd just do exactly this and you, the viewer, can judge for yourself whether or not there's improvement. The newer version (shown second) has a lot more detailed work than the earlier and first version.
Original and first version of "Nightstar":
Digitally created using Photoshop. © Sharon Donnelly

...And now the newer version of "Nightstar":

Full size PNG (opens in new tab/window):

"May your blessings be many, your troubles be few
And may the Love of God live always in you."
#ArtsieladieQuote ©2017-04-26


My early years of working digitally from works that are all digital to editing my coloured pencil works and a photo using Photoshop. It is true that practice brings improvement because when I look at my earlier digitals compared to my current works, what a difference I see. Some of my older works I have redone, which I may display together to show the difference. It also helps when you get a better monitor to see what you're doing with. hehe

This began with a photo I took and then I edited it using Photoshop:
Digitally created using camera (photo).© Sharon Donnelly

This one is all digital (from a coloured pencil work):
Created using Prismacolors & touched in Photoshop.© Sharon Donnelly

This one and the one following are both done in coloured pencil, framed with PaintShop Pro:
Created using Prismacolors.© Sharon Donnelly

Created using Prismacolors.© Sharon Donnelly

All digital graphics, tulip and horse:
Digitally created using Photoshop.© Sharon Donnelly
Digitally created using Photoshop. © Sharon Donnelly

These last two pieces are both all digital:
Digitally created using Photoshop. © Sharon Donnelly

Digitally created using Photoshop. © Sharon Donnelly

That's all for now folks...
"May your blessings be many, your troubles be few
And may the Love of God live always in you."
#ArtsieladieQuote ©2017-04-26