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First and foremost, I believe in God and only worship Him. My religion is Love. We all can believe in Love, regardless of our faith, lifestyle, culture, race, etc. or even choosing to have no faith. Love is our greatest gift, our greatest asset available to us all and Love, when cultivated, connects us all regardless of our differences into one human unit, mankind, and it is when we're all connected, united, our collective power cannot be surpassed. However, when we choose to cultivate hate and all its destructive characteristics, we then do the exact opposite. We then divide and separate ourselves, making us susceptible and vulnerable to forces that can ultimately destroy us, destroy humanity. With all the negatives of hatred so prevalent in our world today by humans, this is the direction mankind is heading in and unless we wake up collectively, as a united race, our doom is imminent.

I'm a mother of a beautiful daughter, who I am very proud of! My Mother is, always has been, and always will be my hero, even though she is no longer here on earth with me. I miss her every day and I will until the day I die. She was a remarkable, modest, humble lady of integrity, courage, perseverance, strength, and faith, and so much more. It is by her example I try to live my life, to follow in her honourable and virtuous footsteps, although I falter many times in this attempt. But I know life is a 'work in progress' and as long as my goal remains to keep pushing forward to keep bettering myself, working at being a good person, even when or perhaps, especially when I make mistakes and poor judgment calls, my Mother is and will be pleased.

I'm an artist, a writer, a musician, and dabble in photography from time to time. I've now reached the point in my life where I'm placing my creative side on the 'front burner' with my art and writing particularly. Over my years, thus far, I've often only been able to write or draw/paint sporadically due to the needs of another of which I have always put first and I'm not complaining and as far as the aspect of being a parent for being a mom is concerned, it has probably been one of the most rewarding areas of my life and... still is. Nor do I regret helping others, especially those who cannot help themselves. Even if the recipients aren't appreciative, helping and doing for others is never a bad thing. "Giving is the joy of living." - quote written by yours truly and one of my favourites.

I love animals, especially horses, dogs, and cats. I am an accomplished horsewoman. I was involved heavily for many years with rescuing abandoned, abused, and neglected pets/animals and over this time period, rescued, fostered, and adopted out to forever homes hundreds of animals. I will never understand why or how some people can treat innocent creatures as they do. There are no words to fully describe the scope of such despicable actions/behaviour. Unconscionable!

Through my life, thus far, I've learned many things out of either necessity, like for survival, or a desire to 'want to know more'. Like a sponge, I like to soak up as much knowledge as I can, particularly surrounding that which I'm particularly interested in. I like to read with most of my reading being to increase my knowledge base. However, no amount of reading can replace or compare to what one can learn through the experiences of life, particularly from the lessons one learns through encountering and dealing with other people; some people are blessin's and some are lessons and if one can still maintain a positive perspective about life in spite of the 'lesson teaching folks', this is indeed a good way to live. It's those we encounter in life who are of less than good character, who give us a clear picture of how "not" to be and those who possess quality of character, who give us a good example to aspire to be more like. Either way, through my experiences with both good and bad folks, I've been blessed with plenty of material to write from/about, giving my poetry and quotes especially, an element of being rooted in real life and truth; hence having hands-on insightfulness.

I have met and established a number of friendship relationships with some very upstanding and remarkable people over the years who have inspired me to be more like, including and especially my Mother. These fine folks have helped to shape my character in a positive way, to strive for having integrity, principles of value and standing by them, and to cultivate humility, honesty, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, etc. as well as learning to cultivate courage; courage to persevere life's setbacks, courage to do what's right even if it means others are against me for doing so, courage to get through and rise above the personal attacks of others, and courage to admit when I've made a mistake, which sometimes can be tough to do. I'm especially a stickler when it comes to keeping my word. My word is of tremendous importance to me and even though I've had others ostracize me because I refused to go back on my word, I still stand my ground, whether those ostracizing me like it or not. Usually those who resent one for having principles, really resent their own lack of having principles themselves.

If it wasn't for the good folks I've been blessed with as great role models throughout my life, including my Mom, the really bad people I've had to contend with and their cruel, abusive actions and behaviour might have shaped in me a negative attitude towards life. Instead of believing in Love and working on cultivating the characteristics of Love and being a good person, I could have gone in the other direction, cultivating negative traits, such as resentfulness, bitterness, jealousy, apathy, ego, arrogance, selfishness, etc.. People can be really nice, warm, and true, but people can be really cruel, cold, and fake too.

Beginning when I was a child, I've been subjected to emotional, mental, and physical abuse, and as a child, by other children but also by adults, including teachers. I know so well what it's like to be on the receiving end of very cruel bullying and having my character assassinated, both as a child and through my adult life. Yeah, it hurts. It hurts like hell and during subjugation, when the rotten character of others is upon you, you find yourself and your own character being tested and you have to find a way to defend yourself, while not allowing yourself to be or act like those attacking you and at a time when your feelings are really raw. The line between can become quite fuzzy and unclear. During the time you're going through it, it's difficult to see the lesson(s) you're learning but when the dust settles and you're able to rise above and overcome it, this is when the silver lining(s) begin to show through. You never forget the pain of the experience, but for your own survival and healing, you learn to file it in your memory where it won't have a negative influence with your otherwise positive outlook on life, because if you don't, those who treated you so badly, who live to spread misery like they feel, will have succeeded if they make you miserable like they are.

One of the many things I've learned in life is that people who are miserable, unhappy with themselves, who/what they are, often are because they feel inadequate, weak, unsuccessful, and unfulfilled in some way or ways and so resort to tearing others down in an attempt to feel better about themselves. I've learned that if I keep this in mind, it helps when I'm confronted with such individuals. When you realise that people who seek to mock and put down others only do so because they know of no other way to make themselves look and feel better about themselves, you learn to consider the source. Then instead of letting them get to you, you just feel sorry for them and their state of misery. Otherwise, you can get sucked into their miserable state of being, which is what they're after. So, don't give yourself to or make yourself a part of their misery.

I've also learned the more unpleasant experiences you have to encounter and endure in life, the stronger and more resilient you become. You learn to pick your battles by importance, letting the lesser and insignificant ones go by the wayside. In other words it's not productive to sweat the small stuff. When you've had to deal with really big problems, like being stalked for a decade and counting by a crazed, narcissistic, obsessed computer programmer, you learn to recognise the difference between a big problem and a little one. When you've found yourself in really tough, even life threatening situations, you learn to truly appreciate and treasure the times of joy, happiness, and peace, as you also come to realise how important it is to try always to have and maintain a sense of humour. Some of life's problems can suck the life out of you but the important thing is not to let this happen.

Life surely has its ups and downs. The ups sustain you and keep you going forward so when the downs hit, you're not sucked into a sea of despair without a life rope to pull you out. Our successes boost and build our confidence, showing us we can accomplish something when we're committed to achieving. When our successes are accomplished maintaining good principles, ethics, and staying true to ourselves and sticking with honourable standards, our sense of self worth, our self esteem, is established and validated, which we can take pride in. This type of pride is good pride because it's earned honestly and with integrity.

Our failures on the other hand keep us humble, keep us from turning our confidence into over confidence, which is arrogance. Arrogance and self-centeredness are ego driven traits and produce ego based pride. When we're ego driven, we aren't and can't be also humble. When we allow our ego to rule us, our heart, we also allow ourselves to be compromised, making us lesser than what we can/could be. Humility promotes quality of character; ego does just the opposite. Humility holds the self accountable for self's actions and behaviour. Ego provides the self excuses to justify the self's actions and behaviour and places blame onto others, instead.

When we're humble, we keep our ego in check, we think of, care about, and are considerate of others, not just ourselves; we are compassionate and empathetic, instead of being inconsiderate, selfish, and apathetic. When we're humble, we accept the fact that we aren't perfect, that we therefore have shortcomings and make mistakes. Knowing we ourselves make mistakes, we are more inclined to be forgiving and understanding with others' shortcomings and when others make mistakes as well, and we realise others need second chances just as we do. When we're controlled by our ego, we see ourselves as infallible, above reproach, and with this attitude we don't/can't recognise, hence, acknowledge our mistakes. If we can't admit to our mistakes, we can't then learn from them, either.

When we cultivate humility, we will also cultivate quality character traits that in turn, cultivate integrity, such as honesty and trustworthiness, because humility puts us in touch with our deepest and 'real' selves, makes us look at who we really are, and when we are made to look at our true selves, we will see all, both the good and not so good characteristics. The good ones make us feel good about ourselves and so, we want to nourish these. The not so good ones or the bad ones, make us feel poorly about ourselves and since we don't like this feeling, we'll be motivated to try and do something about this, to at least minimise a lesser trait. When we see and are aware of our own shortcomings and weaknesses, we tend to be less critical of others' same.

But our ego trains us to see ourselves as we'd like to see ourselves, through rose coloured glasses. Therefore, our ego tells us we're okay as we are and so, we don't think we need to work on to better ourselves since our ego tells us we are already perfect. What's there to work on if we're perfect, right? When we see ourselves as perfect, we tend then to look at others as imperfect and not as good as we are, that we're better than and above others, and that we're more important than others. We develop an attitude that since we're perfect, others should then not question us, others should simply love us, accept us regardless and even if we're arrogant, selfish, rude, etc.. When we are ego driven, we see no need to change anything about ourselves; we tell ourselves we don't make mistakes. So, any mistakes made by us simply can't be and therefore, have to be someone else's fault, not ours.

Since humility deals with real and true and ego deals in fake and false, whichever one we rely on to build our character will then be reflected through and projected in our actions and behaviour. People who are humble don't need to have their ego stroked because their character isn't dependent upon nor based in their ego and when a person's character is built on and around humbleness, there's an honest element, that like truth, is a solid, reliable foundation and so, constant validation isn't necessary. They see themselves for who they really are and accept they're a 'work in progress'. Because humble people are more in touch with their true selves, they know their pluses and their minuses and they're more critical of themselves than anyone else could ever be and know they have areas in their character they need to continually work on. When you truly know yourself, you don't need validation of others nor do you allow others to tell you who you are because you already know your true self and you also know that no one else can know you better than you.

People who are ego driven however, seek and expect others to stroke their ego, to continually confirm and validate their worth because ego driven people aren't really in touch with their deepest, true selves since they rely on their ego to tell them who they are and our ego is very deceptive, hence unreliable, which breeds uncertainty and doubt, making us unsure of ourselves. When we're unsure of ourselves because we really don't know ourselves, we look to others to make us feel sure of ourselves and to tell us who we are. This is what prompts the need for ego stroking. Then if we don't like what we hear from others because it rubs our ego the wrong way, we become belligerent and combative, especially when it's the truth and we're believing what our ego is telling us instead. When our ego deceives us and paints us as flawless, the truth can be brutal.

I've made a considerable amount of voluntary contributions besides rescuing pets in need of rescuing, which includes teaching children's workshops through art councils, helping out the Girl Scouts and local schools with countless functions, etc.. I've done face painting, played music, and created/donated my art to help raise money for non-profit groups/organizations, including for pet rescue. Generally, I enjoy doing things to help others and I enjoy working with children. I love the way children see/perceive life, so black and white and honestly before the world greys their perception. I have written several poems and children's stories, some I've illustrated and some not. Some are colouring book/stories.

Actually, I'm a person of many interests, like cooking/baking, gardening, and I like to continually increase my knowledge base in general but keeping aware of world concerns and reading as much as I can about healthy eating and living. There's always something to do. I'm never bored.

My main website is: http://www.artsieladie.com/ I haven't done much with it in a couple years because of issues beyond my control but I hope to rectify this in the near future. I have a number of online accounts. Some are:
- http://artsie-ladie.livejournal.com/ (here!)
- http://artsie-ladie.deviantart.com/
- https://artsieladie-creative-corner.blogspot.com
- https://artsieladie-heartbeats.blogspot.com
- https://artsieladie-quotes.blogspot.com
- https://artsieladie-rhymetyme.blogspot.com
- https://artsieladie.tumblr.com
- https://artsieladie.typepad.com/blog/
- https://artsieladie.wordpress.com
- https://about.me/Artsieladie
- https://www.facebook.com/Artsieladie
- http://www.flickr.com/people/artsie_ladie/
- https://plus.google.com/u/0/+ArtsieladieDonnelly
- https://www.instagram.com/artsieladiedonnelly/
- http://ladie-font.livejournal.com/
- https://www.linkedin.com/in/artsieladie
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- https://www.pinterest.com/artsieladie/
- https://www.quora.com/profile/Sharon-Artsieladie-Donnelly
- https://twitter.com/Artsie_ladie
- https://www.youtube.com/user/47artsieladie11

As can be seen here, I like to write but I also like to read. Some may think I write too much and that's fine but others like to learn background info about a person and I think it's good to reveal a bit of your life so folks can get a general idea of who you are. ..And it's important to be true and real, I think, especially in this world with so many who aren't on the Internet today. As mentioned, I've had thus far, let's say, an interesting life with a lot of lessons learned and so a lot of material to write about based on first hand experience. As far as the tougher times, I don't regret them however, because I've learned a lot and what I've learned I can and do share with others. This says it well...

"Have a great day, make it count before it's passed,
Because we never know which day will be our last."
~ Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly Quote
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