April 7th, 2021

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  • Tue, 13:16: Too many let themselves b distracted by the complicit media harping on & lying about things deliberately & ALL r divisional tactics so we're not only distracted but also divided. Trying 2 cut thru it 2 wake ppl up is like trying 2 drill thru concrete w/a toothpick! #WAKEUP ppl! https://t.co/BMss6cxDRb
  • Tue, 14:37: The #GreatReset (@UN's & @wef's agenda) aka #NWO, its slogan is "#BuildBackBetter" = same slogan used by the #BidenAdmin showing they r fully onboard w/the NWO. 4 the NWO's fruition, America must b destroyed but armed ppl would stop America's ruin. #GunControl is 2 disarm us. #2A
  • Tue, 19:50: #Globalists don't want a strong, #MoralSociety. They want a dumbed down, submissive, obedient society they can easily control/dictate 2. Breaking down the strong family unit, facilitated by minimizing the importance of a father's role, breaks down the family unit & then, society. https://t.co/lgLUHNWD4Z
  • Tue, 20:07: More & more we can c what hellywood's put out & does, is all connected & has been putting the WICKED elite's agenda b4 our eyes in 'plain sight', programming/preparing our minds in advance. Their #ScienceFiction's really our reality they've been conniving. https://t.co/atMiFflN3v
  • Tue, 20:14: #SocialConditioning to subtly make society 'accept' such vile, despicable abomination against our most innocent, our children. #pedophilia is a CRIME!!! All #pedos should be loathed by society NOT accepted! #SaveTheChildren! https://t.co/O83RBck1n7
  • Tue, 21:04: I'm starting 2 see why #transgenderism is being pushed so strongly. Being transgendered = form of 'sterilization' & supports #depopulation. We can't take things at face value & simply believe/go along w/. We have 2 dig below the surface 2 find out 'why'. https://t.co/QJTx2slB8v
  • Tue, 21:40: B/c we awakened, jolted into reality at some point & pushed then onward, sought #truth & as we learn truth, we learn their script. Many haven't received reality's jolt & likely won't til they find themselves dropped from a plane w/o a parachute & realize 2 late they've been had. https://t.co/iWykFxfwUP
  • Wed, 00:17: Great article covering some history of #pharma cartel industry, from how it was born, why, by whom(#Rockefellers) & how it played a significant role in bringing about #WWII. Drugs/#vaccines r designed 2 make & keep ppl sick 2 maintain pharma's profit base. https://t.co/CXlHgRf6vS
  • Wed, 00:51: No more truth, only lies. No more real, give fake the prize! Genuine move over, artificial's here. Embrace synthetic; natural, fear. We must stop CO2 emissions As we increase our ambitions Of making earth a toxic place Where nothing can live upon its face. https://t.co/MdjdqqiZmJ
  • Wed, 03:16: #Autism For non-speakers. Great and possibly useful/helpful for someone with autism who is a non-speaker if this is unknown to them and/or their parent, teacher or caregiver. Unlock the prison, open the door. Inside is a mind just waiting for... freedom! https://t.co/tAPrlLYRk9
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