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  • Sun, 14:48: I would LOVE to have a supermarket where EVERYTHING in the store is 100% "safe to eat"! Currently, maybe 1% is. 😠
  • Sun, 15:54: ...And the pope is so revered around the world by billions of people, has powerful influence with governments and t… https://t.co/v6pTsoUcl3
  • Sun, 16:33: "When blindly along we follow the crowd, truth's replaced by lies allowed." ~ #Quote by #Artsieladie
  • Mon, 03:38: "No profits are made from healthy people, only from ignorant and sickly sheeple." ~ #Quote by #Artsieladie
  • Mon, 07:12: Okay, so I just have to share this one! From Tinie Iweins d'Eeckhoutte.. thank you. <3 ..And of course, being a poe… https://t.co/W4BKHA3DCC